10+ Cat Moms That Regret What They Did And Are Tired Of Their Kittens


Cats hardly listen to anyone and they always follow their heart. But things are not the same for cat moms. They have to listen to their kittens and do as they say. There is not much that cat moms can do about this.

Here are some cat moms that regret what they did and are tired of their kittens. Have a look at these cat moms and you will know what we are talking about!


This cat mom looks surprised how it all happened. Maybe she needs to be careful next time.


When the cat is too tired from taking care of her kittens and decides to give up.


These cats are not sure if they wanted all the kittens. Are they planning to abandon them?


Cats rule the world, but they can’t say anything when it comes to their kittens.


This cat mom wanted some alone time, but her kittens had other plans.


Regret is clearly visible on this cat mom’s face. She was definitely enjoying her life before all of this happened.


This cat mom is super tired and needs a break from everything. You can clearly see it all on her face.


This cat had no plans of becoming a mom to so many kittens so soon. All she wanted to do was roam around the world all by herself.


This cat mom is shocked and surprised how it all happened.


When the kitty is not sure how to get away from her kittens and decides to take care of them instead.

All cat moms definitely need a break! Their faces say it all out loud.


Cat moms only listen to their kittens. No one else had the audacity to tell them to do something.


This cat mom is still not sure how the kittens came into being. Shock is still visible on her face.


Spot the cat mom in this picture. Can you see the most tired one in the lot? That one is surely the cat mom.


This cat is not sure if she is supposed to take care of the little kittens.


It is very difficult to surprise cats and this one is in a state of complete shock at the moment.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that cat moms need help to take care of their kittens? Share your views with us in the comments.

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